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Opinion provides good case study on impact of recent amendments to Lone Star State anti-SLAPP statute by Shain Khoshbin SLAPP suits (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) have become part of court dockets in recent years by plaintiffs who sometimes are actually seeking to burden critics with the cost of legal defense to compel them to abandon their criticism. SLAPP… [Read This Post]
This article, written by managing partner William Munck, takes a look at client service. An attorney can provide excellent work product but if they don’t understand the value of service, they don’t understand business.  The lesson is that although work product and service are not the same thing, they should go “hand in glove.” [Read This Post]
Bill Munck, 54, is widely recognized as one of the leading intellectual property lawyers in Texas. During the past 20 years, he built a six-attorney Dallas boutique into a 65-lawyer firm that is one of the largest IP groups in Texas. [Read This Post]
In the mid-1990s, Bill Munck went on the hunt for the perfect place to set up a high-tech litigation firm. He was impressed with Texas’ low cost of living, high-quality public universities, and concentration of tech companies in the northern part of the state. It seemed like the right perch from which to attract clients who wanted their inventions protected. [Read This Post]
Shain Khoshbin and Robin Bechtold for Texas Lawyer, July 19, 2018. Breach-of-contract and fraudulent-inducement claims are ubiquitous in complex business litigation. However, when concurrently seeking relief for breach of contract and fraudulent inducement, the “devil’s in the details” as to how to prepare the jury charge. [Read This Post]
Law firm Munck Wilson Mandala prepared and prosecuted the patent issued as U.S. Patent No. 10,000,000 today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  The MWM IP team worked with firm client Raytheon and principal engineering fellow Joseph Marron on the underlying patent application.  The USPTO has dedicated a website to celebrate this significant milestone:… [Read This Post]
A group of Dallas lawyers from Munck Wilson Mandala made patent history Tuesday by securing a laser detection technology patent for Raytheon. It is the 10 millionth patent to be issued in the U.S. since George Washington issued the first in 1790 to Samuel Hopkins for potash, an ingredient used in fertilizer [Read This Post]
Dan Venglarik and Neil Ferrari for IPLaw360, March 2018. A recently filed petition for rehearing en banc, if granted, may open new arguments for applicants fighting subject matter eligibility rejections. Since Alice, a frustrating aspect of subject matter eligibility determinations for patent prosecutors has been the typically fact-free analysis by examiners. [Read This Post]
Shain Khoshbin, Munck Wilson Mandala partner, for Corporate Counsel March 22, 2017 "It is unfortunate when men cannot, or will not, see danger at a distance; or seeing it, are restrained in the means which are necessary to avert, or keep it afar off. ... Not less difficult is it to make them believe, that offensive operations, often times, is… [Read This Post]
Dan Venglarik, IP Partner, Munck Wilson Mandala Client Alert Still the pioneer in local patent rules, the Northern District of California recently adopted revised local patent rules adding a damages disclosure requirement. If enforced as stringently as the infringement and invalidity contention disclosure requirements, the damages disclosures may further facilitate early settlement of patent cases in that district. [Read This Post]
Audrey Mross, Employment and Labor senior partner, for RigZone, published December 13, 2016 For employers throughout the oil patch, misclassification of workers as independent contractors has morphed from an uneventful, everyday occurrence to a gaping hole that gives government agencies, trial lawyers and others the opportunity and the motivation to make employers’ lives miserable. Awareness of this changing legal and… [Read This Post]
Audrey Mross, Employment and Labor senior partner, for RigZone, published December 12, 2016 As a business, what would you do if you discovered that lax accounting methods were costing you real money? What if an audit revealed that these lapses amounted to $34.7 billion over a nine-year span? This is precisely what the U.S. Department of Treasury/IRS learned in 2005, and the… [Read This Post]
Michael Rodriguez, IP partner, contributing writer for Austin Business Journal, published November 10, 2016 AO, FOB, OPSEC, and so forth, we all know them in the Armed Forces. These numerous acronyms help leaders and their teams define operations, commands and exercises. A list of them for each service could go for miles. One that applies to both business and the combat zone is… [Read This Post]
Let Your People Go . . . to Vote Audrey Mross, Texas Lawyer October 21, 2016  Are you still undecided about Election 2016? One decision has been made for you by state legislatures across the U.S., including Texas. If you are an employer in Texas, you must let your employees go to the polls to vote, often with pay during their absence from the workplace. [Read This Post]
Dallas law firm wants to attract tech clients with new Austin office Sep 27, 2016, 2:26pm CDT Will AndersonDigital Editor Austin Business Journal     Munck Wilson Mandala LLP is set to open an Austin office Oct. 1 near Capital of Texas Highway and MoPac Expressway with a unique structure that executives hope attract innovative technology companies and startups. [Read This Post]
© 2016 The Texas Lawbook. By Jeff Bounds   (July 22) – Some labels stick far beyond the point where they’re accurate. Such is the case with the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, or PTAB. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office launched PTAB almost four years ago as an alternative to litigating the validity of patents. Within a little more of than a year, PTAB got branded… [Read This Post]
Munck Wilson to Open Austin Office Brenda Sapino Jeffreys, Texas Lawyer September 26, 2016     Munck Wilson Mandala will open an office in Austin on Oct. 1 with three partners, including new office head Michael Rodriguez, who has moved to Austin from the firm's Dallas headquarters. [Read This Post]
A Federal Circuit decision this week affirmed the USPTO’s interpretation of the statute controlling filing of continuation applications, affirming that filing the continuation on the same day as issuance of the parent application falls within the meaning of “before.”  As a result of this ruling on technical requirements for patent priority claims, thousands… [Read This Post]
The Patent Trial and Appeal Board recently designated five additional opinions as “precedential,” more than doubling the total number of opinions so designated in the PTAB’s 41 months of operation.  Unlike the first three opinions designated precedential, four of the… [Read This Post]
Ever since Alice made landfall on patent jurisprudence nearly three years ago, the state of the law regarding subject matter eligibility has been in substantial disarray.  A recent Federal Circuit opinion and new examination guidelines for subject matter eligibility promulgated by the U.S. Patent Office provide reason to hope that  more structured… [Read This Post]
The new Federal law protecting trade secrets is the first in the nation to require notice of the existence and scope of whistleblower immunity as a condition for certain remedies.  While whistleblower protections are common in state trade secret laws, with various consequences for employer retaliation, the linking of exemplary damages and attorney fees… [Read This Post]
What is a Trade Secret? A trade secret is technical information or business and financial information that provides “commercial value” to its owner, that is “undisclosed” and importantly, the owner has taken “reasonable steps to keep it secret.” Historically, trade secret law in the United States was governed by the individual states which led to inconsistency of outcomes in trade secret litigation. What… [Read This Post]
Patent filings plummet in Eastern District From Staff and Wire Reports April 20, 2016 at 11:51 p.m. After a record-breaking year for patent case filings in 2015, federal courts in the Eastern District of Texas have experienced a nearly 50 percent drop in new patent infringement claims so far this year. [Read This Post]
The Anatomy of a Patent Case: When a Small Dollar Dispute gets Personal © 2015 The Texas Lawbook. By Jeff Bounds (April 11) – For Andrew Weiss and his employees at BSP Software LLC, it was time to celebrate. The date was May 17, 2011. The occasion was BSP receiving patent No. 7,945,589 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. [Read This Post]
Lean margin enterprises are increasingly looking to outside sources for funding of the high costs associated with important, complex business litigation.  As a result, demand for third-party litigation funding has doubled in each of the past few years.  A recent decision by Delaware Superior Court President Judge Jan R. Jurden may eliminate… [Read This Post]
The Obama administration has now forwarded two World Intellectual Property Organization treaties to the United States Senate for ratification:  the 2012 Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances and the 2013 Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who Are Blind,… [Read This Post]
Biz Beat Blog Why ads don’t say Super Bowl snacks, Super Bowl TVs, Super Bowl beer All those circled words mean Super Bowl. #SB50 Am I the only person who didn’t know when you put the words super and bowl together, in that order, and capitalize the S and B, it’s a rabidly protected trademark of the NFL? I wondered… [Read This Post]
Movie downloads: A shakedown or a theft? By L.M. Sixel December 30, 2015   ·         When Matthew McConaughey won the Academy Award for best actor for the "Dallas Buyers Club," interest in the small-budget film skyrocketed. But many moviegoers didn't buy a ticket. Instead, they downloaded a copy for free. [Read This Post]
An Indiana federal district court recently granted a litigation stay in Hatch-Waxman Act patent litigation, pending the outcome of an inter partes review.  The Court simultaneously signaled that a commensurate extension of the automatic 30 month delay in FDA approval for the generic would not be ordered. … [Read This Post]
The official opening on November 9th of the USPTO’s Dallas Regional Office attracted substantial interest, with Director Michelle Lee’s afternoon opening ceremony attended by various US congressmen and the evening gala at the Perot Museum swamped with patent attorneys from throughout the state.  This week saw the announcement of a Regional Director… [Read This Post]
Munck Wilson Mandala Leads Tyler’s $670 Million Merger © 2015 The Texas Lawbook. By Natalie Posgate (Nov. 18) – Plano-based Tyler Technologies announced earlier this week that it completed its acquisition of Troy, Mich.-based New World Systems Corporation, a leading provider of public safety and financial solutions for local governments.  [Read This Post]
An International Trade Commission exclusion order issued last year regarding to infringement by “importation” (transmission into the US) of digital data has been reversed and remanded by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit as assuming authority outside the ITC’s jurisdiction.  In doing so, the Federal Circuit rebuked the ITC for assuming,… [Read This Post]
Texas Patent Bar Sees Lift from USPTO’s Dallas Office © 2015 The Texas Lawbook. By Jeff Bounds (Nov. 9) – The opening of a Dallas office of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will mean more work for the North Texas intellectual property bar, which should also benefit when local patent examiners are ready to move into the private sector, IP law experts say.… [Read This Post]
Patent, trademark office a ‘screaming big deal’ for Dallas Nov 6, 2015 Bill Hethcock Staff Writer- Dallas Business Journal The opening of a U.S. Patent and Trademark office in Dallaswill serve as a springboard for innovation, inspiration and high-paying jobs in North Texas, and give the region another arrow in the quiver of ideas, intellectual property lawyers and other supporters of the project say.… [Read This Post]
Even in the world of patent litigation, where it can take an engineering degree to understand the technology, occasionally a dispute comes down to old-fashioned trial lawyering. For Jamil Alibhai, a Munck Wilson Mandala partner who won an $88 million verdict in a case between rival semiconductor makers, the key was a timeline. [Read This Post]
At least one U.S. District Court has publicly acknowledged that applying the Alice test differentiating unpatentable “abstract” ideas from patentable subject matter is “a difficult exercise.”  In the process, however, the Court presented useful guidance on the factors that federal judges are likely to find persuasive in the patentability analysis of computer-implemented… [Read This Post]
USA TODAY, (July 7, 2014, 6:51 PM EDT) --   Think of it as a an open-face sandwich — with the "open face" a smashed potato, not bread. That's the essence of a new, potato-as-rock-star restaurant concept that's getting plenty of buzz in Dallas, where restaurant guru Phil Romano — creator of Fuddruckers, Romano's Macaroni Grill and EatZi's — is at it, again. [Read This Post]
2014 Winning Companies of Dallas Business Journal's "Healthiest Employers in North Texas":   Small: 2-200 employees CP&Y Divurgent Healthcare Advisors ESI Fusion Packaging On Target Partners   Medium: 201-1,000 employees Duke Realty Higginbotham Hill & Wilkinson Hillwood Development Co. LLC IMA Financial Group Independent Bank MHBT Parker University [Read This Post]
Dallas Business Journal: A federal appeals court ruling nixing the Federal Communication Commission's open Internet rules will mean more dealmaking options for broadband providers such as Dallas-based AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), as well as more options for consumers, a top technology lawyer tells me. Critics of the decision on Net neutrality say striking… [Read This Post]