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Dear Legal Briefs for HR subscribers – I’m baaack! The demands on my time, both professional and personal, made it impossible to continue to crank out this newsletter on a monthly basis and I have been silent since last summer. I make no promises, but I’m going to try to send one of these out on roughly a quarterly basis. Many thanks to dear… [Read This Post]
Welcome to Legal Briefs for HR, an update on employment issues sent to over 6000 individual HR professionals, in-house counsel and business owners plus HR and legal professional organizations (who have been given permission to republish content via their newsletters and websites). My mission is to help you stay in the know about employment issues. [Read This Post]
On March 19, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the largest Dodd-Frank whistleblower awards ever, clocking in $83 million. The awards to individual whistleblowers who voluntarily provide the SEC with original and credible information can run from 10 to 30% of the amount the SEC collects for violations. This award stems from a $415 million settlement in 2016, between the SEC and Merrill Lynch. A $17… [Read This Post]
Workflex in the 21st Century Act introduced into Congress, if passed will offer more flexible work arguments for employees; JP Morgan Chase pays 16.7 million due to classifications of exempt employees; EEOC and employers disagree on ADA's reasonable accommodations beyond what is required by FMLA and employer policy. [Read This Post]
DOL seeks to raise the minimum salary for white collar exemptions after a proposed salary was rejected, share your informed opinion by September 25th; New I-9 form and updated employer guidance is available on the USCIS site; New Standard Form 100 has been revised and the due date has been updated; NLRB Chairman Philip Miscimarra steps down and will not seek reappointment... [Read This Post]
On June 7, Secretary of Labor rescinded two Obama-era guidance docs regarding independent contractors but the underlying federal law has not changed as of yet; DOL has filed an NPRM to rescind the rule entirely for now and look at the “indirect” persuasion evolution since 1962; On June 15, Dept. of Homeland Security rescinded the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans program entirely, keeping the Deferred Action… [Read This Post]
On May 2, House passed Working Families Flexibility Act to amend FLSA and give private employees 1.5x their reg. rate in comp time or overtime; Use of 3rd party services to vet job applicants will be subject to the FCRA rules and regulations regarding background and credit checks; Board has decided that "Weingarten rights" no longer apply to nonunion employees at this time; 7th Circuit reversed prior… [Read This Post]
DOL issued a final rule expanding the types of persons who would be seen as fiduciaries with regard to employee benefit plans, including certain investment advisors, causing some to fear noncompliance if a retroactive effective date came into play - DOL to issue a temporary enforcement policy saying there would be no enforcement for non-compliance with the final rule during the gap period (i.e., time between April… [Read This Post]
See what’s happening in the new administration and how it will affect employers regarding the DOL, EEOC, NLRB, Supreme Court nominee, and immigration; IRA reports new scam involving employee W-2s and how to keep your company from falling victim; Updated Invitation to Self-Identify form available from the OFCCP and must be used by Feb. 10; U.S. House blocks what remains of the E.C 13673 blacklisting rule and… [Read This Post]