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Big Data & Privacy

  • Multi-Disciplinary Staff: Munck Wilson Mandala provides a deep bench of skilled attorneys familiar with the legal issues surrounding big data and privacy. We combine our regulatory knowledge with our technology and cybersecurity professionals to help clients maintain secure platforms and identify risks.
  • Emerging Technology: With a trillion-dollar industry of data brokers and buyers, our team understands this highly regulated industry and we have the experts who can assist you through legal issues and disputes.
  • Digital Health: We advise clients on the numerous legal issues associated with digital health, including privacy and security, regulatory, litigation, and corporate issues.

Technology has given us access to endless supplies of consumer data that can bring great benefits to business but also present contentious issues in privacy. Big data is widely used in business and health care and has led to insights into behavior that can increase profits and efficiencies. However, this comes with legal issues in how data is used and protected, and it’s further complicated by government regulation, international access, and criticism. Our unparalleled legal team provides decades of experience assisting clients involved in big data and privacy. From intellectual property solutions, regulatory advice, privacy issues, and more, the Munck Wilson Mandala team services all needs for this rapidly expanding industry.

Our team is well versed on the legal issues surrounding big data and privacy. We represent companies regarding their digital assets, advising them on compliance regulations, best practices for access issues, encryption, and other related legal issues. We will review your contracts with third party vendors and insurers and assist in ensuring that your company’s procedures are consistent with its internal data policies. We will provide practical perspectives and executable solutions to assist you with your privacy and data security requirements.

Digital Health:

Digital health is one of the fastest growing sectors in big data. The digital health industry is rife with potential legal issues that require skilled advisors who understand the convergence of technology and health care data/medical records management.

We understand the unique needs of clients who have adapted their technology to incorporate big data to manage medical information, improve wellness, monitor diseases, and improve diagnosis. We help clients navigate the legal and regulatory issues necessary to implement successful digital health programs, from health care delivery to payment and provider information.

Our team expertly navigates digital health issues for clients dealing with the complexities of state and federal regulations. We have advanced degrees in computer science, life sciences, and engineering, and our experience representing clients in high tech industries exposes us to many issues faced by clients in digital health. We guide clients in the complex legal issues surrounding digital health, including privacy, accountability, and licensing.

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