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  • Veterans in Biotech: Many of our attorneys are former scientists with in-depth knowledge of the medical and biotech world. They have worked as chemists, biologists, and engineers.
  • Advanced Science Degrees: As one of the largest and most reputable IP powerhouses in the Southwest, our team has more than 50 STEM degrees in chemical engineering, chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, and mechanical engineering.
  • Tailored Legal Services: We offer the full suite of legal services to biotech clients from general counsel to niche requests. We are proud to represent clients who have brought life-saving technology that impacts people’s lives.

Munck Wilson Mandala provides strategic biotech legal counsel by implementing our team’s real-world experience in the industry. Attorneys are qualified in a variety of fields such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, imaging systems, microbiology, chemistry, physics, and genetic engineering. We provide in-depth knowledge pertaining to patents, trade secrets, financing, and regulatory protocols.

With extensive experience as advisors to innovators, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, our team is equipped to handle a wide spectrum of biotech matters. We are incredibly proud to assist organizations pioneering cutting edge biotech and life-changing medical advancements with the legal expertise necessary to succeed.

Munck Wilson Mandala offers legal services that cater to each companies’ unique goals by providing general counsel as well as niche services to achieve organizational milestones such as formation, funding, regulatory assistance, licensing, IP portfolio management, and more.

Our biotech team brings you considerable IP strength with more than 30 registered patent attorneys who handle extensive patent portfolios for clients in medicine, health care, biochemistry, digital health, therapeutics, and diagnostics. We are well known for our thorough knowledge of your industry and relied upon to help dozens of clients protect their IP assets.

We have a transactional team well-versed in representing entrepreneurs and investors in regulatory and financial matters necessary to succeed in biotech, and we have our award-winning litigation team, with a proven track record of successfully representing clients in disputes related to biotech and life science matters.

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