Munck Wilson Mandala

Corporate Governance Litigation

  • Pros at Corporate Governance: Munck Wilson Mandala attorneys represent clients in matters before federal and state courts in claims related to securities fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, conflicts of interest, whistleblower, and other actions.
  • Full-Scale Services: Our corporate governance litigation team represents plaintiffs and defendants in various fiduciary-related matters, including legal, tax, and financial matters.

Munck Wilson Mandala is an ideal choice for clients facing corporate governance litigation matters. We bring to each matter the combined talents of our nationally recognized trial practice and our knowledgeable, seasoned securities and corporate lawyers. Our in-depth understanding of the securities industry enables us to promote our clients’ objectives while resolving issues in an efficient and expedient manner.

Governance, compliance, and public disclosure are increasingly on the minds of clients as news coverage commonly covers investigations initiated by the SEC, Department of Justice, and other federal and state government agencies. Munck Wilson Mandala has a comprehensive approach to corporate governance litigation that covers the full range of civil, criminal, and congressional investigations and enforcement matters at the federal and state level. With experience representing clients in matters across all regulatory groups, attorneys work collaboratively with leadership to achieve goals and maintain a valued reputation.

We represent trustees, executors, beneficiaries, and others in fiduciary relationships and advise trustees and money managers prior to litigation to reduce the likelihood of a lawsuit.

When litigation is necessary, we seek the best possible resolution as quickly as possible. Our extensive experience allows us to provide objective advice so that our clients can swiftly achieve their goals.