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Pacific Rim

  • Established Connections: Munck Wilson Mandala has a long history of serving clients in the Pacific Rim. Our attorneys travel extensively to meet with clients in these economically robust regions and we have built strong networks with established multi-national companies and local companies, navigating the political and legal landscapes.
  • Represent 100s of Non-U.S. Companies: Our team of attorneys have provided legal advice to hundreds of companies headquartered or operating in China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, Latin America, and other countries looking to expand in this thriving market from start-up and growth-stage companies to Fortune 50 global corporations.

Since the early 80s, the Pacific Rim has exceeded trade and exports compared to trans-Atlantic trade. The Pacific Rim comprises over 48 percent of world trade, 58 percent of world GDP, and more than 44 percent of the world’s population. Our attorneys have built a network of key local stakeholders in Pacific Rim countries as well as provided home market support on U.S. matters.

When Pacific Rim companies want to integrate business into the U.S. market—whether to expand, raise investment capital, or pursue a key transaction—Munck Wilson Mandala offers distinct advantages that include an established network of investment sources, offices in key business hubs throughout the U.S., and a full suite of legal services for U.S. expansion. On the flip side, when U.S. companies or investors look to Pacific Rim markets for expansion and growth, our team is considered one of the stronger legal advisors on Pacific Rim expansion.

At Munck Wilson Mandala, our team is well versed on the investment, trade, commerce, and culture of countries in the Pacific Rim. Many of our attorneys travel extensively to China, South Korea, Mexico, Latin America, Taiwan, and other Pacific Rim regions and we have built a strong network of foreign associates and business relationships that pave a solid path for growth and economic expansion in this region.

We not only understand the culture and speak the language of these countries, but we also help businesses thrive, grow, and protect their assets both in their home countries and here in the U.S. when they choose to expand in this market. We represent several non-U.S. start-up and growth-stage companies as well as global leaders in telecommunications, technology, and other growth industries in the Pacific Rim.

Because we represent clients in nearly every sector of the global economy, we have built rewarding and valuable relationships that help us serve clients in global markets, and our “insider knowledge” stems from our established network of foreign associates who help us deliver full-scale services seamlessly around the globe.

We are fortunate to have the capacity to meet the diverse needs of technology-driven companies based outside of the U.S., and many of our attorneys are bilingual and have worked abroad so they bring an understanding of the culture and business/government models of Pacific Rim countries, helping us deliver sophisticated legal services and business advice to clients as they grow and evolve globally.

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