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  • Leading Industry Innovators: Munck Wilson Mandala has renowned international experience in semiconductor and integrated circuits.
  • Decades of Technology Experience: Munck Wilson Mandala attorneys understand the complex and ever-evolving semiconductor industry. We create a myriad of legal resources for distinguished organizations as well as start-ups.

The backbone of Munck Wilson Mandala is technology. Our teams’ in-depth knowledge of the semi-conductor industry allows us to help clients expertly navigate the various legal challenges and demands of this ever-evolving industry.

Our tech-savvy attorneys have decades of worldwide experience in the semiconductor industry. Munck Wilson Mandala’s impressive technology portfolio of services and the reputable clients we serve in the industry make our team suited to handle all matters in the semiconductor field.

We manage everything from financing, manufacturing, programming, intellectual property, and more for growing U.S. start-ups to global organizations. As this field continues to evolve, our dedicated attorneys remain abreast on changing innovations to better service our clients. We have in-depth knowledge of every facet of the field that elevates our partners in the industry.

Our knowledge and experience include:

Antenna Structures/Elements

Audio & Video Signal Processing

Cellular Communication Networks

Chemical Deposition

Computer Network Security Protocols and Topologies

Data Compression, Translation, & Storage

Data Stream Encoding in Physical Interfaces

Device Physics & Operation in Semiconductors

Digital & Analog Integrated Circuit Design

Electronic Circuit Design

Encryption Processing & Secure Communication Protocols

Fingerprint Sensors within Integrated Circuits

Flash Memory

Materials Physics & Technology for Semiconductors

Microcontroller Systems

Nanotechnology & Nanotube Structures, Formations

Packaging, Including Flip-Chip/BGA, QFN, Multi-Chip & JDEC Standard

Power Systems & Power Optimization

Quality Control & Measurement of Sensors

Semiconductor & Wafer Fabrication & Quality Control

Semiconductor Layout, Design, & Fabrication

Wafer Processing, Including Cleaning & Testing

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