The difference
is knowledge

“Audrey’s presentation to the North Texas Compensation Association was amazing. We recommended her presentation for our next conference and we have forwarded her name to other organizations who will benefit from this excellent training program.”
—Liz Mayo, Director, Longnecker & Associates

Audrey Mross
Employment Partner

Audrey has given more than 600 speeches, radio broadcasts, and webcasts since 1995. She is sourced and published in USA Today, CNN/Money, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, National Law Journal, Texas Lawyer, Dallas Business Journal, HR magazine, SHRM Legal Report, HR Matters magazine and Dallas Bar Association’s Headnotes.

“Using actual examples helps attendees begin to understand where the line is between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. I’ve found that this is what triggers an ‘aha’ moment for many, and often individuals will speak up and share their own experiences with their peers in the training session.”
—Audrey Mross

Audrey offers a training session for managers and supervisors as well as an employee version of the training. To learn more about scheduling a training session with Audrey Mross, click here.