The difference
is determination

Every loss deserves the most experienced attorney on your case

At Munck Wilson Mandala, we assign an attorney to your case with over 21 years of experience.  We take pride in our process that involves a senior attorney overseeing your case with a proven track record of successful recoveries under the most difficult circumstances.  Munck Wilson Mandala lawyers have represented clients across the U.S. in matters involving structural collapses, fire losses, and water leaks.

The subrogation attorneys at Munck Wilson Mandala have substantial experience in matters and issues regularly encountered in subrogation, such as:

  • Alarm/Security Cases
  • Building/Roof/Crane Collapses
  • Catastrophe Losses/Hurricanes
  • Construction Defects
  • Electrical/Mechanical/Sprinkler System Failures
  • Fires and Explosions
  • Fire Spread Cases
  • Geotechnical Failures
  • Human Factors/Warnings Cases
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Industrial Equipment Failures
  • Mold Litigation
  • Product Liability Matters

We accept large loss subrogation assignments ranging from $100,000 and up.  We approach your case with early investigation, resourceful evaluation and diligent prosecution.  We practice throughout the country and have developed an extensive network of experts and local counsel anywhere you need us.

Our large loss attorneys are groomed and thrive in a contingency fee environment that awards results—not the amount of hours billed.  Our contingency fee approach aligns us with your goal of maximizing the recovery in the most efficient manner.  Your case will be staffed with our most qualified senior attorney leading the project and other highly skilled associates and support staff whose work is concentrated in this specific area.

We believe our track record and unique experience in large loss property subrogation will make a difference in helping you achieve maximum recovery for your property loss.