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What happens when your company’s data is compromised? The increase in connectivity across all industries has led to a much higher potential for data breaches. Moreover, the media is consistently reporting new attacks on businesses and government organizations around the world.

If your company’s computer network or electronic information is compromised or misappropriated by an employee or third party, you very well may want to take affirmative action to try to enjoin further wrongful conduct and seek other relief. Furthermore, if a government investigation or lawsuit results from a data breach, your company’s internal policies and procedures will be thoroughly scrutinized. In either event, you will want practical solutions to help you navigate the complex legal landscape that follows a data breach, including any reporting or disclosure requirements.

Our team will help you protect your digital assets as well as assist you with maintaining the documentation and processes necessary to demonstrate that you have a secure response plan in place. We will review your contracts with third party vendors and insurers and assist in ensuring that your company’s procedures are consistent with its internal data policies. We will provide practical perspectives and executable solutions to assist you with your privacy and data security requirements.

MWM services include:

  • Assessment of your threat profile and readiness response program
  • Legal risk analysis and counseling
  • Development of response plans for data breaches
  • Cybersecurity and privacy litigation support and representation