The difference is

Maximize your IP portfolio.

An IP audit involves a comprehensive review of your IP assets and the role of each individual asset in your company’s business. It can help ensure that your IP assets are protected properly and that you are not violating third-party rights or violating applicable regulations. An IP audit also is a valuable step in the development of your IP portfolio.

The results of the audit can be used to identify technical challenges, potential acquisition candidates, or additional patentable inventions to enhance your portfolio. Importantly, the audit can help pinpoint multiple, often significant, additional revenue streams from your IP portfolio, such as opportunities to license or sell IP rights, or to pursue litigation against infringers of your IP.

Another way we help you maximize opportunities from your IP portfolio is through the provision of legal opinions for you or for third parties such as your lender or acquirer. We render patentability, right-to-use or practice, and non-infringement opinions relating to your products or methods.