The difference is

If you are contemplating a commercial transaction, you need to have a thorough understanding of the value and risks associated with the transfer of your intangible assets.

In an acquisition, IP due diligence can enable a buyer to make an appropriate offer, negotiate a lower price, or cancel an undesirable deal before it’s too late. A seller can determine whether it can deliver all of the rights the buyer wants to purchase, remedy chain of title issues, strengthen its IP portfolio if necessary, obtain necessary assignments, licenses or transition agreements, and appropriately tailor its representations, warranties and indemnification obligations in the purchase agreement.

At a more strategic level, our IP due diligence can help you understand how the applicable IP assets relate to your business objectives, the strength of your portfolio, and the IP positions of competitors.

In the IP due diligence arena, our ability to work with the world’s most prominent businesses and law firms as both a peer and a pinch hitter makes us a valuable partner in high-tech matters.