The difference is

In every industry, information technology has become more portable than ever before, and companies have never been more vulnerable to the loss, misuse or theft of their trade secrets or proprietary information, or to unfair competition targeting their employees or customers.

Munck Wilson Mandala helps you identify and correct holes in the protection of your trade secrets and proprietary information. We recommend and implement cost-effective strategies to identify and safeguard trade secrets and proprietary information through internal policies, training practices and agreements with employees, independent contractors and other business partners.

When necessary, we relentlessly pursue those who would violate your trust, misappropriate your trade secrets and proprietary information, improperly solicit or hire your employees, interfere with your contracts or business relations, and otherwise unfairly compete. Recognizing the damage caused when claims of unfair competition arise, we are equally aggressive in defending you against such allegations.

Clients regularly call on us for guidance in this complex and important area – where federal law offers limited protection, state laws vary dramatically, and the law is constantly changing both from legislative action and court decisions.