The difference is

We understand the importance of your brand to your business and your reputation, and we are dedicated to helping you protect these critical assets.

We will guide you through the selection, strength and registrability of trademarks and service marks, the advantages of registration, and the maintenance and exploitation of trademark, trade dress and domain name rights.

With our extensive network of foreign associates and counsel around the world, and our experienced trademark attorneys, we can provide efficient, cost-effective trademark protection for you and manage your trademark portfolios on a global basis.

Our trademark lawyers work closely with our trial lawyers and litigators both to enforce your marks and to defend you against infringement claims. Our team has extensive experience handling trademark, trade dress and domain name disputes. We represent clients in state and federal court, in opposition or cancellation proceedings before the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and in domain name proceedings under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy of ICANN or other registry rules.