TAOS Trail Team image

Congratulations to Team TAOS!  Following the filing of Munck Wilson Mandala’s federal complaint 13.5 years ago, two 2-week jury trials, and one appeal to the CAFC, yesterday Judge Mazzant in the Eastern District of Texas issued a Final Judgment for $48.2 Million in favor of our client, ams Sensors USA Inc. f/k/a Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions (“TAOS”). Judge Mazzant also ordered MWM to submit their application for attorneys’ fees plus costs, which will increase the final award by several million dollars.

The Final Judgment is vindication for our client who had their trade secrets infringed upon by a much larger competitor in violation of a confidentiality agreement between the parties. Thanks in part to our lawsuit, TAOS was able to pick itself up off the ground and become the industry leader in optoelectronic solutions and applications for handheld devices like smartphones. The fight continues for now but Team TAOS will prevail!!

A special shout out and thank you to the trial team (pictured above minus Gaby Monahan), our dedicated support staff, and the Firm’s continued support.