Will Howison works in the firm’s technology/intellectual property law group. He focuses on the preparation and prosecution of patents, as well as acquiring, licensing, and enforcing patent rights, trademark rights, trade secrets, and copyrights for clients. Will is a second-generation attorney at MWM.

Last year, Will was a member of the IP team that successfully invalidated a patent under Section 101 of the Patent Act in Repifi Vendor Logistics, Inc. v. Intellicentrics, Inc. et al. This was a rare win in the Eastern District of Texas, which often denies motions to dismiss in patent cases.

Will received his J.D. from the University of Texas School of Law. He is the co-inventor of a patented haptic device gripper used for surgical teleoperation.

A little more about Will

I was born in Dallas, Texas. I attended Rice University for undergraduate studies and received a Master’s in electrical engineering and B.S. in electrical engineering.

I like being a lawyer because I enjoy having an expertise that helps people. My practice boils down to helping clients navigate the patent system. I am also a bit of an eternal student, and patent lawyers learn about cutting edge technologies every day.

I have small children so for fun, I enjoy Lego building and helping my wife find something they will actually eat. My hobbies include collecting fountain pens and using keyboards that I build myself. The process of cleaning and maintaining the pens is a sort of Zen exercise for me. With the keyboards, I like buying pieces of a kit and assembling them. It’s an excuse to use my soldering iron and pretend like I’m still a real electrical engineer.

My favorite place to visit or vacation is Southern France and anywhere in Japan. I enjoy going to new places more than anything, however, with small children, our travels have been limited to Disney World (which, with kids, is a much less stressful experience than I imagine it would be going anywhere exotic).