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Class Action Litigation

  • Leaders in Class Action Lawsuits: Munck Wilson Mandala attorneys have handled numerous class action lawsuits on behalf of our clients, many resulting in eight and nine figure settlements.
  • Track Record of Success: With decades of experience, our attorneys have a proven track record of success in both state and federal courts.

Across the nation, Munck Wilson Mandala’s comprehensive litigation team has successfully managed numerous class action cases in various industries. Our attorneys have experience with the legal dynamics unique to class action lawsuits and have industry experience dealing with antitrust, consumer fraud, RICO claims, product liability, securities fraud, and other related cases.

Prominent attorneys with unique class action experience are the building block for our exceptional team handling class action litigation. We are known for navigating some of the most complex cases with the goal to control expenses and win on our client’s behalf, whether through a successful trial or a settlement. We have succeeded in neutralizing damaging class action suits against our clients through preliminary discovery and we have often arrived at favorable terms through mediation. We have a strong record of having cases dismissed before costly trials and litigation. In plaintiffs’ cases, we have subject matter experts in almost every major industry, including high-tech electronics, oil and gas, health and beauty products, toy and game manufacturing, and more. Our attorneys provide tailored and strategic counseling to clients, and we have handled cases that result in eight and nine figure settlements. Our exceptional representation serves clients in courtrooms across the U.S., on both the federal and state level.

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