Munck Wilson Mandala


  • Creative Solutions/Impressive Results: Munck Wilson Mandala lawyers are well versed in how fintech issues are addressed by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Our team delivers the creative solutions that bring results for our clients in this cutting-edge industry.
  • Combined Industry Knowledge: The MWM fintech team works with clients who have forged successful fintech endeavors in financial services, real estate, insurance, blockchain, venture capital and more.

Our fintech industry professionals offer clients the entire continuum of legal services, from structuring issues to regulatory and litigation matters, carefully aligning with state and federal regulation policies that are applicable to each client.

The fintech industry has radically changed how we pay for and manage our finances around the globe. It affects everything from transferring money to investing, purchasing stock, buying real estate, and financing loans. Banks and financial institutions invest billions into fintech companies, and more businesses are looking at revolutionary financial technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency to streamline financial transactions.

Understanding fintech requires legal advisors who have sophisticated experience in not only finance and banking, but technology as it relates to financial services and the regulations that govern this area of commerce.

At Munck Wilson Mandala, we have both, a team of regulatory and finance experts who represent clients in various industries globally, and a team of highly skilled, technology experts who have spent their entire careers representing innovators who use technology to disrupt their industries. This combination makes us a leading law firm representing businesses with respect to operational, regulatory, and security needs related to fintech.

The Munck Wilson Mandala team assists fintech clients with structuring businesses, fund formation, regulatory compliance, and policy formation. We have practitioners who understand blockchain and cryptocurrency, forming and registering regulated entities, and creating agreements and financial funding for ventures in fintech. Our relationships with governing agencies also gives us an advantage in helping clients understand and avoid risks when dealing with matters regulated by the SEC or FINRA.