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Media & First Amendment Litigation

  • Best-In-Class Representation: We take enormous pride in our attorneys’ proven track record of success and vast knowledge of First Amendment principles, the Electronics Communications Privacy Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and the Video Privacy Protection Act.
  • Responsive in a Fast-Paced Environment: Our trial lawyers provide fast, responsive advice for clients in the media as well as leading technology and consumer companies who use online advertising and the internet to reach consumers. We can quickly petition for or defend against restraining orders and other requests for emergency relief.
  • Expansive Portfolio: We offer experienced attorney services for clients facing legal issues or disputes involving social media, online IP, ecommerce, privacy, the First Amendment, online advertising, and government regulation.

Our trial lawyers have wide-ranging experience representing clients in media, online IP, privacy, and First Amendment litigation, trying cases to verdict in state and federal courts and handling such matters through appeal. We take pride in our knowledge of regulatory matters in a rapidly changing environment where many cases set precedence for future clients.  Our knowledge of First Amendment principles and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, combined with our first-rate, efficient representation of clients who range from businesses using online IP and ecommerce platforms to media stations and production companies is unsurpassed.

We challenge government restrictions on speech and protect and defend media companies and other clients in lawsuits against them.  Our attorneys advise clients on a wide variety of media law and First Amendment issues, including defamation, privacy, newsgathering, Freedom of Information Act, commercial speech, Internet, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, online advertising, and copyright.

Our diverse media and First Amendment experience includes matters involving the Freedom of Information Act, “sunshine” laws, defamation, invasion of privacy, censorship, indecency and obscenity, commercial speech, and Internet speech, including message board posts. We represented a television station in a high-profile case where the Texas Supreme Court reversed the Court of Appeals judgment, rejecting a libel claim against our client.

We take pride in our attorneys’ vast knowledge of First Amendment principles to offer top-tier representation to our clients on both the state and federal level. Our trial lawyers offer wide-ranging involvement in First Amendment, media, and internet litigation to efficiently and effectively meet clients’ needs and deadlines and we are precise in our ability to effectively represent them in antitrust, privacy, and free speech legal issues.

Representing a variety of high-profile clientele, we have a vast understanding of pre-publication or pre-broadcast defamation review, requests for retraction or correction, newsgathering advice, obtaining access to information, and responses to subpoenas. Our impressive portfolio includes media clients, such as news organizations and media holding companies, and leading technology and consumer companies.

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