The difference is

We Know Technology

Intellectual property law firms are tasked with shaping your IP law strategies. At Munck Wilson Mandala, we represent clients around the world, protecting their ideas, inventions, and businesses. Because we understand your technology, we are better equipped to understand your IP law challenges, work with your management and inventors, and help you protect your intellectual property.

Our attorneys have diverse and distinguished technical backgrounds. We are fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, and other languages. We have several IP attorneys who have been working together for 17 years or longer. As a team, we have a combined 900+ years of technical and engineering experience.

In addition to representing some of the more well-known names in technology, our intellectual property law firm also represents smaller companies who have disputes over patent infringement and trade secret matters.


With more than 40 registered patent attorneys, we have one of the strongest patent prosecution teams in the southern United States. We prepare and prosecute utility and design patent applications across a full spectrum of technologies, including wired and wireless telecommunications, medical device, software, hardware, and pharmaceuticals. Our highly regarded intellectual property law legal team has wide-ranging technical backgrounds, with advanced degrees in electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry and molecular biology.


The registration of copyrights allows for easier prosecution of infringement claims and facilitates the sale, transfer, and licensing of copyrights. Our intellectual property law firm works to secure new copyright registrations, protect existing copyrights, and assist in legal agreements for business transactions involving copyright law. Our copyright lawyers work with our trial lawyers to enforce our clients’ copyrights and to defend our clients against infringement claims.

IP Portfolio

Trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets are important assets and often possess significant value. Managing an IP portfolio is vital to creating and maintaining a business’ niche within a market. We counsel clients around the world in intellectual property matters, including the registration of trademarks and copyrights, the prosecution of patent applications, and the protection of trade secrets.

Intellectual Property Audits

Auditing intellectual property assets allows businesses to view their competitive standing in the market and can help pinpoint multiple, often significant, additional revenue streams from your IP portfolio, such as opportunities to license or sell IP rights. An IP audit involves a comprehensive review of your IP assets and the role of each individual asset in your company’s business.

Trade Secrets

Munck Wilson Mandala helps you identify and correct holes in the protection of your trade secrets and proprietary information. We recommend and implement cost-effective strategies to identify and safeguard trade secrets and proprietary information through internal policies, training practices and agreements with employees, independent contractors, and other business partners.