Munck Wilson Mandala

Aerospace & Defense

  • Client Results: We represent global leaders in aerospace and defense.  In addition to managing all legal needs, we have provided historic patent support for one of the major U.S. defense contractors.
  • Comprehensive Legal Services: With a rich understanding of the field, we efficiently provide an entire portfolio of needed legal services for this vastly complex and regulated industry.

Munck Wilson Mandala has extensive experience representing inventors, startups, and global clients who are considered the masters of the aerospace and defense industry. Our attorneys apply their backgrounds in defense, engineering, and aerospace to bring result-oriented advice and creative solutions for this complex and heavily regulated industry.

We offer the extensive support system that combines whip smart lawyers with engineering degrees and field experience with experts in regulatory and defense law.  Many of our attorneys previously worked in or led teams in defense and aerospace companies before going to law school.   Our attorneys have worked closely with clients to manage federal privacy, security, surveillance, compliance, trademark, and litigation.

Munck Wilson Mandala has a longstanding relationship with Raytheon, one of the major U.S. defense contractors and industrial corporation. Our team historically worked with Raytheon Technologies as they received the 10 millionth patent issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).