MWM is at the forefront of guiding companies, developers, and investors across the breadth of legal and regulatory issues arising from the rapid commercialization and use of generative AI platforms and applications.

Today, the generative AI revolution is reshaping industries faster than any prior technological shift, presenting immense opportunities and complex legal challenges. To successfully navigate this evolving landscape, where the laws are largely unwritten, understanding the law is not enough.

To assess opportunities and mitigate the risks, clients need counsel who firmly grasp the technology on a technical level, and are also immersed in the AI domain and engaged with the technology they advise on. As a technology-focused law firm, MWM has been entrenched in artificial intelligence issues since the beginning of the AI revolution. This is our competitive advantage.

Munck Wilson’s multidisciplinary team includes attorneys who are not only legal experts in their practice areas, but devoted AI enthusiasts with a deep understanding and longstanding involvement in this transformative field. With attorneys who have been drafting AI patents and developing their own AI applications for literally decades, our AI Practice Group has the legal and market insight necessary to provide informed, proactive, business-minded counsel. Key highlights of our experience include:

  • Intellectual Property Management and Protection: IP strategic consulting, patent preparation and prosecution, IP Due Diligence, IP transactions, trade secret asset management, data usage policy reviews and drafting, employee AI usage policy reviews and drafting, and open-source licensing and compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance and Advisory (including Privacy and Data Security): Advising in-house counsel and businesses on AI development, adoption, and/or implementation, data privacy compliance (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach Bliley Act), cybersecurity, insurance, drafting AI usage policies for private and governmental organizations, data privacy compliance considerations in choosing models for AI inference, legal opinions for companies seeking to fine-tune their AI models, and ethical AI compliance
  • AI Governance and Policy Development: Assisting private companies and governmental organizations in establishing internal guidelines and best practices for AI development and deployment
  • Early Development Consultation: Engaging with businesses and developers at the conceptual/design stages to avoid legal hiccups later
  • Legal Risk Assessments for Investors and Commercial Lenders: Legal risk and compliance assessments for AI investment opportunities, competitive analysis, and due diligence for AI startups      
  • Corporate Finance and M&A: Joint Ventures, M&A, data sharing agreements
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution: – Handling of disputes related to AI technologies and implementations

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