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Robust patent protection is imperative to protect the unique processes and technologies that constitute the backbone of your business. Innovations require time, money, and hard work. Obtaining a patent ensures that the fruits of your labor are yours alone and that competitors cannot reap benefits from the investments you have made. Without a patent, competitors are free to use your invention without investing any resources in obtaining them, eradicating any competitive advantage your invention may have given you over your competitors. Failure to apply for patent protection in a timely manner can mean that you are giving away your innovations to your competitors.

Patents are essential in securing your niche in the market. They protect the features that make your services and products unique by ensuring that competitors are legally unable to imitate them. This allows for your business to spend less time fending off knockoffs and focus on establishing a strong connection with its target audience. As your patents prevent others from using the features that make your business successful, you are able to present your target audience with distinctive services and products and build your client base. Patents empower you to carve out and maintain a place within the market that competitors legally cannot encroach upon, giving your business an advantage over competitors.

Strategic Patent Protection

Munck Wilson Mandala works to provide legal expertise with your business objectives in mind. We work with you to identify the most strategic patents for your business and ensure that the patent services we offer are useful investments. We are dedicated to helping our clients build portfolios of intellectual property that can be used to bolster their businesses and empower them to continue growing and innovating. As a result, industry leaders and entrepreneurs alike select us to help protect their most important inventions. We are privileged to represent some of the world’s largest technology companies, as well as to offer the same exceptional service, creativity, and commitment to entrepreneurs and emerging businesses. We prepare and prosecute utility and design patent applications across a full spectrum of technologies, including wired and wireless telecommunications, medical devices, firmware, software, hardware, and pharmaceuticals. Our patent attorneys have wide-ranging technical backgrounds, including specialized and advanced degrees in areas as diverse as electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry and molecular biology. ​

A substantial majority of our attorneys have practical work experience prior to law school and are as much business professionals, chemists, computer scientists, biologists, and engineers as they are experienced lawyers.

Experienced Patent Attorneys

Because we understand your technology and business, we are better equipped to protect the innovations that support your business objectives and to work directly with your scientists, programmers and engineers in their particular areas of expertise. The attorneys of other law firms often lack the technical knowledge needed to produce adequate patents and work within a reasonable timeline that allows clients’ businesses to react to the world’s ever-changing business developments and opportunities. The Munck Wilson Mandala team’s understanding of your industry allows us to work with you to identify innovations in your products and processes, and to create accurate patent applications to give your inventions the best legal coverage possible, all while working in a timely and cost-effective manner. The Munck Wilson Mandala team is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, and other languages. Many of us have been working together for more than 15 years. Together, we have over 900 years of combined experience representing clients in patent preparation and prosecution, licensing, and litigation. Our team of over 40 registered patent attorneys makes Munck Wilson Mandala one of the strongest patent prosecution teams in the southern United States.

In addition to assessing patent rights and procuring patent protection, we regularly negotiate and prepare a full range of agreements related to inventions, patents or patent applications, including development, manufacturing, joint venture or license agreements.